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Dunamis Insurance & Business Services

was developed to provide customers the best and most innovative insurance solutions, products and services. Our planning services are client centered and rooted in the following three primary objectives:

 1- Safety, Growth, Financial Security & Wealth Preservation

2- Innovative Products, Top Tier Solutions & Services

3- Client Satisfaction & Premium Customer Service 


Who Are Our Clients

Our Clients are individuals and businesses from all over the state of Illinois and other states as allowable and necessary.

 Our Client assets range from very minimal to multiple millions of net worth.

Our Clients businesses range from startup, homebased businesses to well established businesses employing multiple hundreds.

Our Clients are Black, White, Indian, Latino, Asian, Middle-Eastern, and are from various religious socio-economic backgrounds.

Our Clients have seen the value in our approach to serving their needs. We DO NOT talk down to our clients or make them feel as if they have no knowledge about their needs.(If you’ve spoken to other advisors lately you may know what we mean)


What Makes Us Different

The Dunamis Difference is made known by our proven ability and desire to do an adequate and thorough job for our clients by placing client needs at the pinnacle of all planning and recommendations.

We DO NOT offer products of the month or day. 

We offer a diverse array of companies which allows us to recommend only the services that the client will benefit from.

We believe in establishing long term relationships with our clients. We believe that client development is the key to doing an excellent job for our clients.

We have no sales quotas therefore we are not pressured into making a client do business with us within a certain time range or period of time.

We are dedicated to ongoing education, which allows us to recommend only the most current, comprehensive and well thought out strategies.

 We are familiar with the needs of client life-stages. Therefore we provide practical and  excellent solutions for each unique need.